About Barbie Bray-Workman

After many years of wandering and seeking a career I discovered my artistic ability.Taking long walks surrounded by towering trees, sitting silently by the crashing waves of the ocean and absorbing the warm rays of the sun to envelop my soul there I find inspiration. Color and movement stoke the flame of my creative imaginings. With every piece I create I look for the harmonious beauty the duality and chaos to be present.  My art does not always start with a clear precise ideal this allows the piece to move into a complete visual composition during the progression. Creating in a variety of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional works allows my inspiration to soar. Artistic experience in restoring murals, sculpture and metalsmithing.

All work on website is for sale unless indicated in information. Commissions accepted contact through email.

artistbarbiebw@gmail.com.   Resident Artist at West Main Artist Cooperative. All work available for viewing at West Main Artist Co-op in Spartanburg,SC.